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4. August 2018 – Workhop mit CHANGU CHANGEZI

Samstag, 4. August 2018

12:30 – 14:00 Uhr

€ 30 Normalpreis

€ 25 für LifeUp Member

Changu Says…

The idea of this workshop is to help students increase their knowledge and understanding of their hips and pelvis. When we think of our hips we shouldn’t just think of our buttocks but we should think about everything that builds our hips and its entire structure. From the gluteus maximus muscles which is the largest muscle in the body to our hip flexors that are responsible for our balance and core strength. The largest muscle in the body is the most over worked muscle and least taken care of.

The law of nature says “use it or lose it”. So when we dont use certain muscles for a long time they lose their flexibility and start to shorten. It is incredibly important to keep stretching them so they can support our skeletal system.

Who should attend this workshop?

I like to say … whoever has hips should attend this workshop. But to be more specific this workshop would be best suited for runners, athletes, cyclists, long distance drivers, people with a 9-5 desk job routine and anyone who has tight hips. That means pretty much every one. You see, muscle is like ‘Faith’ … the more you practice it the stronger it becomes. So you have to exercise and stretch your hip muscles everyday.

After this workshop students will have learned how to execute and stay in some simple hip opening asanas and moves that they can practice daily, especially after a sweaty 90 minute hot Bikram Yoga class when the body is flexible and open. We will explore some basic hip opening asanas, some intermediate as well as a few advance postures so that each student will find a good point of challenge according to his/her level of flexibility. The workshop also incorporates a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout which uses pilates principles to strengthen and tone core muscles.

Remember growth happens OUT of your comfort zone. It will be uncomfortable but Changu will make it fun and entertaining so we can all enjoy as we learn and laugh. It will be like a deep tissue massage for your hips and you are the masseuse so you know when to increase the pressure and when to back off.

This workshop will leave your hips and pelvis area rejuvenated with fresh energy and you will feel it because … Hips Dont Lie.

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